Monday, December 7, 2009


So yeah this is my first post after a very long break. Sorry guys because i was kinda busy with my exams during the months of September and November. Im just feeling nostalgic all of a sudden and since i wanted to save our memories therefore I just wanted to remember all of you guys. =)

Well it all started after I shifted my stuffs down here in KL.. and my first lesson in Ausmat was Chemistry where i met this guy, Lip yong. I still remembered clearly how i met him because he asked my Chemistry notes so that he can copy notes but little did i know that he turned out to be the smartest guy in Ausmat and since then i had been borrowing notes fm him. LOL..Being smart is just one of his talent and also talking cock most of the times.. HAHA.. so yeah this guy, had been a very good friend of mine whom helped me out most of the times. Thx alot lip yong for everything you had done for me. You ROCK man!!dei dei dei..and also all the scandals u had with the girls around called scandals la..haha..u know what i mean.

Then i went through april alone without anyone to hang out with most of the time, I just stayed at my room most of the times. Till one day when i met this girl(man) during one of my applics tryout classes. Yeah man, JAMIE the prince-ss...hahah..jk je..dont angry la dei.. So yeah she asked me to sit beside her la because i was sitting alone in the class and then as each day passed i learned that she was diff fm other because she speaks of her mind. Really like a man..haha..jkjk.. But besides than her super abilities to make words like bitch to beeech...hahaha.. She’s a real good listener and also a very good friend la that pulls u outta shit holes..LOL.. and yeah one thing abt her. She drools over some crazy mid eastern guys..hahahah... don’t mimic my style of walking la..LOL..look like a tard..and oh ya..HAPPY 18th birthday Jamie!

Moving on, was discrete maths classes, where i met big sister Lam win nie..haha.. Though she may look small but you’ll never know what she’s capable of doing by herself. One hell of a girl. But then wins wins , in life there are always friends and there is no need of doing work alone. One man show meh.. I still rmb u keep saying i knew u when i taught u how to use the calculator but in the end u pulak teaching me how to use one. And pls no more corals man..haha.mermaid pulak hari wins, come ipoh call la lepak lagi ler..

ANAND sooSAI.. this guy memang like SAI..because every word he speaks all SAI...knowing him was really nice because i got people to walk with each time i walk more walking alone as i always used too. ANEH ANEH... hah..alot of crazy shit we had done together man.. thk god we don’t stay in the same house man..Penang penang..hahah..

Retard-ku...HAHA..of all the Queens of perasan and shit, you were the greatest of em all.. Never met with a girl that perasan before and so obsessed with SHIT..haha..yea she loves to describe and draw shits..LOL.. Never fail to make me laugh each time chat.. BABI..stomach also pain la .. Be a girl la..jaga image sikit..LOL..bukannya takde ur image dah jadi SHIT macam you je..haha..rmb 80cents..haha.. thx for everything yah..for listening to all of my problems..MIC*Z soup..LOL.. Dont ever change yourself retard and always be a retard now and always yah..=)

MARtin LAU the lame version..HAH.. At first i thought u were kinda weird..haha..cos of ur knowing you..totally diff man..very very outspoken bully kean weng je..pity that guy man, his brains already enough of whatever explicit contents..hahaha.. nice to share language jokes with you..haha..double meaning game eh..

OUS!! OUS!!! Zi hang..haha.. really one poor fella la..constantly kena pick only..kesian u la.. UR machine also kesian u..haha.. Chill la man.. We were just playing with you all of the time man.. So don’t get angry yah..come penang i belanja u makan kat tambun regretted because i knew u late but at least i had a great time having a good friend like you. Hope to see you soon at penang.

Kai siang, though i knew u for a brief moment.. But still u are a good friend of mine..thx for everything man for fetching us around eventho u stay at sg buloh. But ah i think u need a GPs in ur car la..haha..always rely on our directions ah sure get u lost one day wan ler..hehe..sorry ah if i misguided u wrongly..pls forgive me..and take care,hope to see u tau cheng with ur gf kat curve again..hehe.beware

NEXt, TTG aka crazy !@#$%^&^%$# driver on the road..dei abang F1 dont la race alot on road..One day ah qing ming i visit u quoted by panda..haha..choi..jokes man..just drive safely so fast also fast by few seconds ne ma..ntg much diff also wan slowly and carefully man, to wait for stg to happen will be too late already..I don’t wanna lose a good friend like you. Take care and god bless.

PORn..opps..kean weng..haha.. this bastard..i tell u host porn at his house man..haha..rite kw..haha..u are the mr boner that wil go jail for rape man..haha..another COD5 and dota kaki man..haha.. eh pls la less porn la..dont watch so much man..CONTROL sikit la...haha..k?anyways take care man..see u soon.

PEEk-a-BOO! boo boo..alexander boo boo boo..such a mistake man to know u during LAN subjects..if only i knew u earlier..we could be buddies man..but then its still great to know a friend like you and thx for everything all the fetching and also the hanging out with us.

PANDA !!!ting ting ting..ahahaha..COD5 kaki wei..really miss those times we play cod5 together..i really wished that i knew u earlier lor. Then we can lepak every nite wan ler. But then at least we had fun together owning ppl playing cod5 man..hehe..u are the best man..come here la.move here la..dont stay kat Sarawak de..or at least come ipoh ler..=)good place to stay.....

I hope we could meet again one day soon. I will be leaving here later at 1230 pm and i wish that all of my college friends had fun together and god's will we will soon meet again. If i had done anymistakes to any of my friends, I would like to sincerely apologize to any of you if i've ever offended any of u guys in any way. Its just my nature to talk crazy stuffs.. I will miss all of you.. Without u guys i would still be alone isolating, thk you all for being such a wonderful family for me. None of you will be forgotten by me. ALways in my heart

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